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Starting from the Agile Manifesto, let’s explore the different sides of Agility, it’s impact in our Ways of Working and a Pura Vida way of implementing it! Follow up at my Blog

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My journey to become a Certified Team Coach

To celebrate my most recent certification as a Certified Team Coach from the Scrum Alliance, I would like to share the main takeaways for me along this journey. Start with Self-Mastery Even though I would recommend this as one of the first steps to take, I learned it’s importance late…

Takeaways from the CAL E+O

I recently went through the CAL E+O Certification with Bob Galen, who masterfully took us through an exploration journey inside the mind of the leaders and the key role they play in supporting Agile implementations.  The hours I spent with the cohort reviewing the content where unbelievably valuable and full…

Lo que me llevo de un lugar a otro

Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de cambiar de empresa y aventurarme en un contrato nuevo. Junto con las despedidas y los buenos deseos, vinieron los regalos. Siempre voy a apreciar el cariño y detalle que me mostraron todos, especialmente en un regalo que me dieron que traía escondido un mensaje muy…

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